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Jamiroquia – the British jazz funk and acid jazz band best known for their song  and video for ‘Virtual Insanity‘ off of Traveling Without Moving – have released their newest video for the song ‘White Knuckle Ride.’

If you can’t quite remember ‘Virtual Insanity,’ it’s the video that takes place in a room where the floor appears to move while the rest of the room stays still. If you need another reminder:

Five years since the last LP and the 4th LP released since Traveling Without Moving, ‘White Knuckle Ride’ is coming off their newsest LP Rock Dust Light Star.


‘White Knuckle Ride’ seems to be more of a promotional track, with a limited edition vinyl coming, than an actual single. It looks like the first real single off the new LP will be ‘Blue Skies’ released on November 1st.