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If you don’t know who Ben Baller is, chances are you’ve seen his diamond-encrusted work on your favorite rapper or athlete. The Korean-American owner of “IF & CO” Jewelers is not one of the most modest people, so he definitely stands out in a crowd.
Baller can usually be seen rocking a chain or watch flooded with diamonds and a few articles of clothing that you probably won’t be able to afford with the average paycheck.

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Simply Google Ben’s name and you will definitely see a few pictures sure to leave you in awe. But how does the house of the man who has everything look? We though we would find out when the good folks from The Coveteur went to visit his Los Angeles home, however we got a lot more than we expected.  

What we saw was less of where Ben lived and more of what he owned. After all, if you spend so much on what you wear, chances are you have a few things that are equally as cool that you can’t wear.

From Andy Warhol, KAWS and Takashi Murakami paintings, to Hermes ashtrays and a table covered in $2 bills, Ben shows us a ton of the things he’s collected over the years from his days in the music industry until now.

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Take a look at the gallery above for all of the super cool and eccentric things that Ben Baller has collected over the years. Don’t feel bad though, most of America doesn’t have the type of disposable income he has – but we can surely appreciate what comes from it!