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Angela Martini may just be one of the sexiest women we have seen on the scene in a while, and when she throws on a bikini, a sane man can’t help but stare. 

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The model-turned-designer is currently single and mingling, but before you take a chance at snagging your dream girl, she has a couple of qualifications for the job.

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In Angela’s recent feature in the September issue of Esquire Mexico, the Albanian beauty queen posed for a series of photos in lingerie, and then to be fair after the photo tease, gave 10 tips for the guys trying to snag a chance with a hottie of her likeness. 

Check out what you’d have to know to get with Angela below: 

1. We are no different then men, we are the same – The better you will understand yourself as man and as you grow into man the better you will understand a women.

2. Keep it real, the easiest way to get a woman is to be yourself.  If I like you, its because it’s for who you are.  Even if I receive the same treatment from somebody else, it doesn’t matter because I like you.

3. Persistence is everything and anything and you know what I mean….

4. Scent is really important

5. We are only emotional because we know we can be and are allowed to be.

6. It is uncomfortable when a man is always taking care of us. We like to be independent, pay for our own bills.

7.  We like when you text us day and night, if you are the right guy there is nothing you can do wrong.

8. Women play the game better than you can.

9. We don’t mind when men act as if they are kids, as long as you are a fun kid.

10. If something is bothering you about us, let us know – it’s all about communication.

Do you think you can keep up with the beauty?


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