Democrats have done a phenomenal job electrifying their base, staying on message and pointing out the stark differences between President Barack Obama and his opponent multi-millionaire Mitt Romney at the Democratic National Convention this week. 

VIDEO: Bubba Back! Former President Bill Clinton Brings Down The House During Passionate DNC Speech (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Michelle O amazed us all with her address that provided an inside look into the man she married and centered on Obama’s integrity, family values, determination and character. And last night, former President Bill Clinton masterfully articulated the triumphs of the Obama administration, combating Republican claims that the nation was better off four years ago. So that leaves us with one more night, the grand finale when President Obama, himself, will take us home!

Don’t worry about missing it because of MTV VMA showcase, which will also broadcast tonight.  The President is expected to speak at 10:30pm and the VMAs are supposed to end at 10:00pm.

Here’s more of what to expect tonight:

President Obama is headlining the show, of course. He will accept the nomination for a second term and explain why he deserves another shot as Commander-in-Chief, urging the American people to make their voices heard by voting on November 6. According to Obama’s senior adviser David Plouffe, Obama will present “a very clear sense of where he thinks the country needs to go economically, the path we need to take.”

Before the president speaks, VP Biden will give his own account of the Obama administration and accept the VP nomination from his son Beau, the Attorney General in Delaware.

There will definitely be more recounts of why the Obama administration is winning: i.e. healthcare reform, the capture of Osama Bin Laden, and the restoration of General Motors.


Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, will address the convention and more than likely criticize Mitt Romney and talk up the President’s foreign policy.  Kerry is thought to be a strong contender to become the Secretary of State since Hillary Clinton plans to retire from this position if Obama is re-elected.


The night will end with a big celebration, lots of confetti and the First Family coming together on the stage for prime photo ops. Tune in tonight!

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