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When does art take it too far? Or can art even do that? Taking a look at Gil Vicente these questions are sure to pop in your mind. At the Sao Paulo Art Biennial in Brazil Vicente has been feeling the heat from critics over his “Enemies” exhibit of images he created of assassinations of former U.S. President George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II and the Pope, and they think he has gone too far. 

The Brazilian Bar Association demanded ‘Enemies’ be removed but the Biennial organizers have rejected efforts to remove the exhibit. Did they make the right decision? If you ask the artist they did, Vicente defended his work. ‘They claim it justifies crime,’ he said. ‘Stealing public money is not a crime? The reports on TV aren’t trying to justify crimes? Only my work is justification of crime?’ Serious questions asked by a serious artist. Take a look for yourself, do you think Vicente crossed the line with his paintings?




Do you think Gil Vicente crossed the line with his paintings?online survey

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