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Sean Paul has been prepping the world for the release of his album Tomahawk Technique for quite some time now, and the Jamaican sensation is finally ready to share his gift with the world. 

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Post-release in the UK, Sean has the States waiting in anticipation for his latest release, but revealed that he’s watching the music trends carefully before he decides the right time to roll out his technique.

Famed for his transition of reggae music into the mainstream, Sean Paul had his bit to say about Snoop Dogg’s recent name change and own transition into the reggae music scene. 

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His commentary is pretty strong, but his pride for his home country is even stronger. Sean Paul was sure not to leave our offices without expressing his pride for the Jam Rock, following their record-breaking performance at the London Olympics.

Check out what Sean Paul had to say about his Technique, the Olympics and Snoop’s allegiance to his motherland in the video above.