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Malaysian singer Yuna released her self-titled debut album earlier this spring, and she’s been working closely with Pharrell Williams on a few forthcoming projects. 

COOL ASS COVERS: Yuna Covers Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You” 

Yuna has not only made “Live Your Life” the name of her smash single, but also made it a message to live by. The “Sparkle” singer recently decided to give “Live Your Life” an edgy remix with a little help from Melo. 

COOL ASS COVERS: Yuna Covers Incubus’ “I Miss You”

Fresh off his trip from Malabo Equatorial Guinea, Africa, Melo drew inspiration from the rhythm and beats of the motherland to give Yuna’s “Live Your Life” the perfect flare. 

Take a listen to Yuna’s “Live Your Life” remix below!