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No sleep til’ Brooklyn. Back in the NYC. Haven’t slept since Wednesday. Run-DNC is over. Charlotte played a great host. Barack closed like Jordan. And I’m a Knicks fan.

But, there was a moment last night inside the convention hall that had nothing to do with politics that, to me, was the moment of the convention. Michelle electrified. Bill hit a grand slam. Joe was on
fire. Barack was ready to go! But, there a small moment earlier in the evening. It was not on national television. It didn’t make a lot of news. But, it was a moment of absolute beauty. A simple walk. Just across the stage. One step after another. Slow and steady. A smile that spread throughout the hall as quickly as the delegates could cheer her name. Ga-bby! Ga-bby! Ga-bby! They yelled at the top of their lungs. She moved. Awkwardly, but with grace. With so much grace.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, her best friend, walked next to her in case she needed assistance. But, she did it. On her own. Walked across the stage. We remembered the words of the First Lady, when she told us on Tuesday night that America can achieve the impossible. That is what makes us great. It doesn’t have to be a landmark piece of legislation. It can sometimes be just a simple walk.

Tears flowed down faces. Joy. Some sadness for what she has had to endure. But, mostly joy that Gabby Giffords walked across that stage. And kept smiling. Forward.

~Michael Skolnik

Michael Skolnik is the Editor-In-Chief of and the political director to Russell Simmons. Prior to this, Michael was an award-winning filmmaker. Follow him on twitter @MichaelSkolnik