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Lil Wayne is getting sued and he’s suing. 

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Weezy’s latest court proceeding has been brought on by … himself. Wayne is upset at the QD3 documentary filmmakers over his portrayal.

Filmed during the time his acclaimed Tha Carter III album was being made, Weezy says he’s not a fan of the documentary, citing it’s “scandalous portrayal” of him. 

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne has filed a lawsuit against Quincy Jones’ son Quincy Jones III. 

Lil Wayne has filed a lawsuit against Quincy Jones III, obtained by TMZ, claiming he never gave permission to use his music in the documentary about him — “The Carter.”

Among the songs used, hits like “Lollipop,” “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy,” “Pussy Monster,” “Let the Beat Build,” “La La,” “Mr. Carter,” “A Milli,” and “Dontgetit.”  All of the songs were from Lil’s multi-platinum album, “Tha Carter III.”

Lil Wayne claims Quincy III and the other producers never bothered to ask if they could use his tunes.

It appears Lil Wayne cooperated with the filming of the documentary, because he allowed cameras to follow him around.

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Last time we checked, calling yourself a “pussy monster” is as scandalous as it gets, so we’re not quite sure why Lil Wayne is upset over his portrayal. 

A court judge threw out Lil Wayne’s first lawsuit against the documentary, citing Tha Carter IV rapper participated and allowed the cameras to follow him, but now he’s suing over the music. 

More baffling is, how can a filmmaker do a documentary on a music artist without using their music? We definitely thought that was a given. 

Check out the trailer to the QD3 documentary below!