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The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, that will be the new home for the Brooklyn Nets NBA team, has been under construction for awhile now, but it’s just about finished!

While Jay-Z is holding a series of 8 concerts next month for the grand opening, we’re already getting a first look into the arena. 

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The NY Post recently posted photos of the basketball court and sports area on their site, along with getting a few words from the CEO Brett Yormark:

“We wanted a court that was identifiable and different, so that when fans turn on the TV at home they’ll realize they are in Brooklyn. This court does exactly that.”

He also mentioned how he was inspired by the Boston Celtics’ arena: “It’s is our version of the [Boston Celtics] parquet floors.”

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The court looks gorgeous with the Brooklyn Nets’ logo right in the center and the names on the sidelines. It was laid out during a four-hour period this past Sunday night with two hundred and forty 4’ by 7’ Hardwood Maple panels in a V-shape pattern.

The court looks great already! We can’t wait to see the Brooklyn Nets play their first game on it.

Head over to the NY Post to see official first pictures of the Barclay’s Center.