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Willow Smith might be NYC’s very own Batman!

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The always unique daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith was spotted getting her nails done in Gotham City, wearing a super casual outfit, including a Beatles tee, leggings and badass boots. 

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However, the 11-year-old singer, who’s become known for her eccentric fashion sense, is a bit darker than any of us could have guessed. Willow’s Tumblr page paints her as a very fashion conscious kid with a bit of an edge. Her bio reads:

My name is Willow. I connect myself with Bruce Wayne in a way no one will ever understand. I hate it when the sun shines. I am a REGULAR GIRL ( its kinda messed that I have to remind you ) anyway… I like people who say bad things about me because its interesting.

Interesting, indeed. Check out Willow leaving the NYC nail salon in our gallery. 

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