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When Chris Brown dyed his hair blue, it was different from what we were used to seeing on the star. However, Chris’ most recent form of self-expression is something we have seen before – a brand new tattoo.

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The “Turn Up The Music” singer just posted a new picture of his latest tattoo to Instagram, with the simple caption “Fly.”

Fly indeed. The new ink features a fighter jet and is placed at the top of his abdomen. This is basically in the same spot where Rihanna just inked her Goddess Isis tattoo … so we have to ask, is this some kind of subliminal message?

Both tats incorporate wings and are in similar places, giving us yet another reason to believe that these two exes are meant to be together.

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In response to yesterday’s tattoo drama, where it was being reported that Chris’s other new neck tattoo was a picture of a battered Rihanna, Chris took to Twitter: 


“Dia de los Muertos,” commonly known as the “Day of the Dead,” is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures to remember those who have died. Maybe it was his way of remembering those we lost on 9/11, or maybe it was a bit more personal. 

Whatever Chris’ reasoning behind the tattoo, it wasn’t enough for him – so he had to add this new fighter pilot as well.

You can check out Chris’ new “fly” tattoo below, as well as Rihanna’s Goddess Isis. Do you think he and RiRi’s tattoos are eerily similar? 

Rihanna’s similar tat dedicated to her late Grandma Dolly: