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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian finished up a great day in NYC yesterday with an even better night. 

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After attending numerous fashion shows during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Kim did a quick outfit change and the couple headed to a romantic dinner at Nomad in the East Village. 

Yeezy opened the door for his girl, and grabbed her hand before they headed inside the trendy New York eatery. ‘Ye most likely helped his girl pick out a sporty-themed outfit for the night, complete with Varsity jacket, a tight skirt, sexy heels and a slicked back pony. 

That was just a preview for a relaxing night, because Kim had an early bedtime. So early, that most of us were probably still in a deep sleep!

Kim tweeted:

“Got up at 430am. I am sooo sleepy! Glamming it up for Good Morning America!”

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All in the name of press. Kim and her sisters were on Good Morning America promoting their new line at Sears. It never stops for Kimmy K!

Photo Credit: Splash