Jordin Sparks ex-boyfriend Steph Jones was going through a terrible situation and no one around him knew about it. Not even Jordin Sparks. 

The former DTP singer hit some hard times, so hard that he had to sleep in his car, and would cry himself to sleep at night. 

In an interview with VIBE VIXEN, Steph, now going by his real name Garrain Jones, opens up about his hard times and how he turned his life around. 

On living out of his car:

I was living from check to check. sometimes my phone had to get cut off. Sometimes I had to decide between putting gas in my car or food in my mouth. Years passed and I would make money here and there but just enough to get by. Eventually the bills were piling up and I had no money coming in. The lease was up on my apartment so I started staying at different friends houses. Then I felt like I was wearing out my welcome. Then I was like, I got my car.

On Perception vs Reality:

I was so numb with emotions I would just figure it out. Some days I went without eating and some days I would just cry myself to sleep in my jeep. Nobody knew that cause I had so much pride that I was willing to play the game of what people thought I was on the blogs. The more I felt separated from who I really was the more I was dying mentally. It was so hard to bounce back because I was so laser focused on music and me being talented in so many areas of my life that I didn’t even fathom the idea of entertaining anything else.

On Hiding His Situation From His Girlfriend at the Time, Jordin Sparks

“We didn’t live in the same state. I mean my mom didn’t even know. If my mom didn’t know and she knows everything, I could hide it from anybody.”

Two and half years living out of his jeep:

I put on an extra 30 pounds. I was 165 my whole life and I got up to almost 200 pounds. I would be crying in my jeep asking God why is this happening to me when I have so much to offer the world.

Leap of faith:

August 15th, 2011 at 3:47 am, I was at the post office outside of my PO box. I spoke to God like I’ve never spoken to him. Tears ran out of my body to where my body was cold and I said I had had enough. I wanna be around nothing but positive people but the industry is not a positive environment. There are positive people in it, but its a very cold place. A lot of my friends who are platinum selling artists hate there lives. I wanna be healthy and wanna make money but want the money to represent something that I believe in. Everything I asked for made its way into my life a week and a half later.

Head over to Vibe Vixen to find out how Steph changed his life. 

Photo Credit: GETTY 

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