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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa have a love like no other.

These two proved their love is worth going all the way for by getting engaged, and most recently, announcing that they are expecting a baby together!

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This morning when Amber woke up she decided to show the whole world just how much they love one another by posting the above photo to Instagram.

Amber captioned the kissy photo, “Good morning kisses…. Every morning :-)”

Amber also posted some throwback photos to Instagram of her as a baby rosebud, before she became the beautiful woman she is today!

Not only are Wiz and Amber a fan of PDA, but they’re also each other’s biggest fans.

Wiz recently did a cover story for Complex Magazine where the two opened up, even discussing their feelings on the groupies that often come with being famous.

Check out some excerpts:

“He’s so special,” Amber says of her man. “These bitches shouldn’t even be around him. They’re not cool enough to be in his presence. It’s like, ew, stay away.”

And stay away he does. “I don’t look at no girls. All I look at is my fiancée,” says Wiz. “I don’t got no reason to look at other girls. It’s weird to some people, but to us it’s the right thing. It’s how much we love each other.”

Just how much does Wiz love Amber? He doesn’t even peep cell phone pictures of groupies. “Groupies? I don’t do that,” he says with disdain. “My girl said to me, ‘Baby, these bitches don’t even deserve to breathe your air.’ And I was like, ‘You know what? You right.’” Call it another sort of balancing act.

Amber also posted some throwback photos to her Instagram of her as a baby and growing up before she became the beautiful woman she is today!

We love that Amber finds her man to be so special and that Wiz has no problem staying true to his woman.

Congrats to Wiz and Amber!