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There was a whole lot going on last night as Lady Gaga launched her new fragrance at the Guggenheim museum in New York City. 

As per usual, Lady Gaga couldn’t have an event without a plethora of antics. The “Born This Way” singer hosted an event to launch her black perfume, Fame, but it was hardly the regular array of club music and champagne flutes. 

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First, Gaga Arrived presidential style riding through the city on the back of a drop top car. Once at the museum, she took a nap for an hour inside a giant replica of her perfume bottle. Fans were allowed to come up and touch her hands as she slept, but the real antics began when she was tattooed in front of the crowd in honor of her close friend, Terry Richardson‘s late mother. 

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Gaga shaved the back of her head earlier this week in honor of her, and last night in front of a live crowd, tattooed her head with a Cherub in memory of the photographer’s mother who just recently passed away. 

Take a look at the photos below to see Gaga’s antics, as well as who was in attendance. 

Marc Jacobs brought out his devil horns and his boyfriend for the event last night. 

Paris Hilton and her body armor pose with a Lady Gaga look-a-like at the party.

Yoko Ono looked lavish in a Michael Jackson style jacket. 

Lindsay Lohan showed up to the event in a stunning brown dress. 

Michael Strahan is taking his hosting gig seriously! 

Lady Gaga’s arrival.