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It’s been a rough end of summer for Mr. Chad Johnson. I think we can all agree on that. As we all know by now, Chad was arrested and later charged with battery after a domestic dispute that occurred with his wife, Evelyn Lozada. Although he plead not-guilty and refused to sign divorce papers, Chad eventually caved in and filed the divorce docs himself.

Seems like he realized it was finally all over.

To add to the mess, Chad was dropped from the Miami Dolphins as well as an endorsement deal he had just signed on to do earlier this summer. This leaves Chad unemployed with a lot of time on his hands. And what do people without a lot of time on their hands usually do? It seems like they often turn to God.

According to twitter, and the many avatars and tweets with deep messages he’s posted, it seems like Chad is truly working to get his life together, even seeking counseling.

Chad tweeted to a fan:

Whether he has a mean counselor or not, we’re happy to see Chad is getting the help he needs. His life has been nothing short of a crazy rollercoaster ride ever since the incident.

While Chad has now finally admitted to counseling, he also admitted to another setback in his life:

A female fragrance by Ochocinco? Sounds interesting. But with everything that’s going on, at least he’s remaining positive…

Chad refuses to live his life defeated, so we can’t help but root for him. We continue to wish both him and Evelyn the best.

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