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Adele’s soulful voice is enough to keep her grounded in the music realm for just about ever, but that doesn’t mean the Brit should refrain from dipping her spoon into different pots. 

STORY: Adele Is Dying To Work With Beyonce

The pregnant mommy-to-be has been pretty low-key since the news of her pregnancy hit, but her name got mingled in the rumor mill this morning with that of Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey. 

According to the rumors, Adele was approached by Christopher Bailey on behalf of Burberry to become an ambassador for the British fashion house, but it doesn’t stop there. She was also asked to work with him on a “bespoke” range for voluptuous customers.

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Sounds like a good deal for Adele, who has worn the brand to some major red carpet moments during the 2011 award season, including the MTV Video Music Awards. 

As a Vogue cover girl, it’s clear that Adele has the fashion world on her side. We can’t wait to see how she capitalizes on this venture. 

Neither party’s camp has denied or confirmed involvements in the deals, so all we can do is wait and see.