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Lady Gaga rapping? 

Well apparently, Lady Gaga is posted in the trap strapped with the AK on her new rap track “Cake Like Lady Gaga.” 

Lady Gaga might have taken some inspiration from her hip-hop friends Kendrick Lamar, Wale, Kanye West, and pop princess Rihanna for her latest experiment, “Cake Like Gaga.” 

Spin Reports

Lady Gaga may have sorta secretly attempted to launch her trap-rap career this evening with a song we’re calling “Cake Like Gaga.” But, like, not really. See, from what we can glean, this entire thing is a goofy stunt played by Gaga and her producer DJ White Shadow, who made it seem like the song was an anonymous fan submission.

Lastly, an enterprising fan grabbed the track and pitched it back up to discover — as one commentor exclaimed, “oh my fucking God what the actual fuck are you kidding me” — that it sounds like Gaga herself. So here it is, some “ignorant hoodrat shit” that may have originated from the Lady of the hour.” 

“Iced out chain/ I’m deep off in the fucking game/everybody knows my name/diamond rings, like Lady Gaga, diamond rings in yo face/fuck your face, trick bitch/ fuck your life, trick bitch,” raps Gaga. 

It seems like Gaga is just having fun in the booth, so don’t expect “Cake Like Gaga” to appear on her forthcoming album, ARTPOP

Take a listen to the original slowed version and the pitched up version, and let us know if you think it’s really Lady Gaga in the poll below!

“Cake Like Gaga” (Original) 

“Cake Like Gaga” (Fan Edit)


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