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George Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman, appeared on Good Day LA for an exclusive interview to discuss the Trayvon Martin case and the ongoing litigation involving his brother.

STORY: Trayvon’s DNA NOT Found On George Zimmerman’s Gun! 

Robert also revealed a letter he penned expressing his condolences for Trayvon’s family.

Here is what Robert wrote in his letter:

“I must begin by stating that the only persons qualified or authorized to speak on matters regarding the legal proceedings involving my brother,

George Zimmerman, are his attorneys – they are the only ones who will speak on his behalf.  My words are based on my recollection and are my attempt to illustrate the original sentiments of my parents, my sister, and myself at the time of the incident. 

This statement must not be abbreviated, nor my words modified or edited in any way.  Furthermore, these words are not, nor should they be interpreted as, a statement made on George’s behalf.

The time has come for all to know the truth about our feelings immediately after Trayvon’s passing.

Due to countless developments and complications beyond our control it was not possible to individually address Mr. Tracy Martin, Ms. Sybrina Fulton, or Mr. Jehvaris Fulton in a private setting to express our sympathy or to offer them words of comfort in the days immediately following February 26.

If there had been an opportunity immediately following Trayvon’s passing for his family to hear from the members of the Zimmerman family they have not yet heard from, we would have expressed our condolences on the loss of their son and brother.

The truth is that we would never take comfort in the knowledge that any human being had passed away no matter what the circumstances surrounding their death may be. 

From the first moment we knew what had transpired we were deeply aggrieved and in keeping with the teachings of our faith we prayed for the departed.   

Our family values compel us to seek peace and reconciliation within ourselves and to extend these virtues to others. As Trayvon’s family remembers him,  I would want them to know that at that time each of us prayed for him and each of us in our own way remembered him as well.

Moving forward,  I pray they find the peace of the Holy Spirit and that it illuminates their hearts.”

Robert Zimmerman Jr.

Robert conducts this latest interview days after it was found that none of Trayvon’s DNA was found on George Zimmerman’s gun.