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Kanye may not be showing during Paris Fashion Week this year, but his design presence has definitely been felt in the City of Lights. 

Kanye West just designed a women’s shoe inspired by the cover art for his newest collaborative album titled Cruel Summer.

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Earlier this week, rapper Theophilous London posted a photo to his Instagram account, peering into a display box with a caption that read:

“So apparently there is a women’s heel dedicated to good music Cruel Summer album.” 

The photograph garnered a little buzz, but it wasn’t until shoe designer Guiseppe Zanotti posted an official photo to their Facebook page with the caption:

“Cruel Summer”…..The sandals created by Giuseppe Zanotti in collaboration with US rapper Kanye West” 

… that we all caught on. 

This is not the first time that Kanye has collaborated with the brand; they previously worked together to produce all of the shoes for Kanye’s prior Dw runway shows.

Take a look at the album cover from which the shoe design is derived below.

These look like a pair of winners if you ask us! There is no word on the pricing or availability of the shoe as of yet. But stay tuned…