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There’s always some sort of drama surrounding Lindsay Lohan! They say you only live once and Lindsay is certainly making the most out of that theory. 

Over the weekend, the Liz and Dick actress was harassed by a Republican staffer she met at a club named Christian LaBella. According to reports, after he was invited back to her hotel room, LaBella secretly took pictures of LiLo and she got upset when she discovered them on his phone. After Lindsay confronted him, LaBella allegedly assaulted her, prompting friends to call the police. 

DETAILS: Lindsay Lohan Punched and Assaulted By Republican Staffer

Those charges were eventually dropped and instead, LaBella and Lohan filed harassment charges against each other. Typical Lindsay drama. 

It seems like something is always being made out of nothing in Lindsay’s life, and it almost always seems to involve the law. From alleged jewel robberies with Suge Knight’s son, to trying to give Chris Brown the cookies, Lindsay has a lot going on.

Take a look at some of her wildest YOLO moments below! 

Back in July of 2010 while Lindsay was in court for one of her final probation hearings, the cameras caught her nails, which had a very bad word painted on them. Freedom of speech, right? Right, but let’s consider she was in tears telling the judge just how much she changed after her arrests from driving under the influence. 

Lindsay was at a friend’s party when a bunch of jewelry came up missing. The cops were called, Lindsay was let go, and immediately fled to New York City. Now Lindsay wasn’t actually involved in any crime here, but many people thought she had something to do with it. That didn’t stop her from jokingly tweeting, “Cleaning my jewels.” 

During the Super Bowl, E-Trade aired a commercial poking fun of a milkaholic baby named Lindsay. So naturally LiLo sued them for $100 million dollars. 

Rapper Pitbull mentioned Lindsay Lohan in one of his songs saying, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan…” he got sued too. 

Since getting off formal probation and getting her driving privileges back, Lindsay’s already been in a couple of accidents. She clipped a baby stroller, crashed into the back of a truck, and may or may not have hit a pedestrian while going into the Dream Hotel. No charges were ever filed or stuck. Teflon.

Speaking of things not sticking. Lindsay publicly sent this tweet to Chris Brown and many people thought she wanted to do naughty things with the Fortune singer. While it could have been just an innocent question, it probably should have been sent via direct message!

TMZ broke a photograph of Lindsay Lohan posing with some friends next to a table with what appears to be white lines on a glass tray. Innocent right? Well not when you’re accused of being on coke. Luckily for Lindsay, the judge wasn’t stunting this either. The DA’s office didn’t even bring up the photo in court.