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Welcome To Brooklyn, Nets!

The picture above just makes everything feel a little bit more official. Brooklyn finally has a team to call its own and they are all suited up for the first time ever.

VIDEO: FIRST LOOK: The Brooklyn Nets Share Their Anticipation For The Big Open!

Standing in their locker room in the newly built Barclays Center, the entire team is in the white variation of their uniform and ready to take the city by storm. Everyone from Kris Humphries to Jerry Stackhouse is geared up and ready to go and the best thing we can do is wish them the best of luck.

PHOTOS: Brooklynettes Reveal New Dance Uniform

You will get to see the guys on the court with their new uniforms during their first pre-season game against the Philadelphia 76ers on October 13th. In case you were wondering, the team’s official mascots are the Brooklyn Knight and Sly the Silver Fox, who will probably also make an appearance on the 13th. 

We’ll see how many New Yorkers leave the Knicks alone after this season…

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