The Daily Grind Video

Hey all. Here is a quick rundown of some of the music wave that’s been on my mind, nothing really extra out there, just what inspires me. Hit me with what moves you.


Mainframe e.q.e.p.
Don’t know if you know but I’m a huge Blu fan. Secure in my manhood so I can say that kid is the shit and be good with it. Check his tumblr page (and mine while ya at it). So surfing the net this weekend I found this project that Blu participated in with his frequent collaborator, producer Mainframe. Different MCs pop up to get in on the action, but Blu tends to run beats ragged with his fuck dat flow and wild word play. Mainframe continues to keep the boom nap alive with tunes that will turn off the club heads but will put a battery in the backpackers. Actually, there is a lot of experimental hip-hop on there, way more than expected, electro, Daft Punk type stuff.

Standout tracks are: “Larry King” (a Wu-Tangish instrumental), “Fuk De Lux” (an instrumental track), Wish Me Luck (dope instrumental that drags with style)

Great find on the weekend I tell ya. Check the video of the first single “Disco D.Y.N.A.M.I.T.E.” (that one chick towards the end of the video is Dynamite too)

Disco Dynamite from A.C.R.O.N.Y.M on Vimeo.



Vibe Magazine SXSW showcase “Respect The West”
The once slept on music conference South X South West has turned into the go to place for new or alternative hip-hop acts. While I watched the show from the comfort of my home through the wonder of Ustream, the show took place in Austin, Texas.

-I was shocked and awed that one of the dudes I play from time to time was on the bill. Connecticut rapper Apathy came through with his crew from the left coast The Get Busy Committee. Those cats are MMA rap. Hardcor