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During the mid-’90s, Jay-Z used to hide the drugs he was selling in his apartment in Brooklyn, located at 560 State St. He said so himself on the classic track “Empire State of Mind” (“I used to cop in Harlem, all of my Dominicans right there up on Broadway, pull me back to that McDonald’s. Took it to my stash spot, 560 State Street”).

VIDEO: ONE NIGHT ONLY! Jay-Z To Livestream His Last Barclays Center Concert 

As you all probably already know, times are different now. And today, the iconic rapper can go to that same building and look at the arena he helped build: Barclays Center. 

The rapper did just that and he posted a picture of the occasion, putting it on his LifeAndTimes site. In the picture, we see the rapper rocking black jeans, a black and grey Nets hat and Jordan 6s while he looks at his arena located in his borough.

VIDEO: BEHIND THE SCENES: Jay-Z Visits Barclays During Construction For T Magazine

Under the picture is the caption is:

“On the roof at 560 State St. Words can’t describe.” 


You’re right, Jay. Words can’t describe. 

SOURCE: LifeAndTimes

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