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For Katy Perry, every day is Halloween.

Bad news: you aren’t Katy Perry, so Halloween is still just on October 31st for you. 

Great news: For that one day, and that one day only, you can be Katy Perry if you follow the guide above. 

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The video for Katy Perry’s hit song “Last Friday Night” took place at an ’80s-style party and had the awesome ’80s fashion to go with it, as geeky Katy transformed into a double-look worthy teenage dream. 

Instead of being the same ol’ sorority girl snoozer of a sexy ladybug, slutty cheerleader or something that involves painting your face like an animal, our Haute Halloween guide will give you Grade-A inspo for putting together a one of a kind celebrity costume on a budget.

PHOTOS: Katy Perry Comes Unzipped In A Hollywood Glam Shoot For ghd

This week, we are dressing up as the California girl herself, Katy Perry circa her fun-filled video. Check out how to get that look in the photos above.

Once you’ve nailed this look, party Katy style, minus the Russell Brand, please. 

Miso neon top

$16 –


Silk skirt


Paul Frank hot pink jewelry


Hot pink jewelry


J Crew j crew


Rice dk Orange Melamine Cup by: Rice dk – | Your House