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Lady Gaga has been living it up in Europe for the past few weeks, but she’s still making her mark here in the States while she’s gone!

The 26-year-old superstar recently did a photo shoot with Terry Richardson that even included the famous Donatella Versace, and she nearly bared it all for her Little Monsters. 

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The photos show the singer and designer Donatella getting close for some tasteful photos, but one shows a topless Lady Gaga – and you can even see a little nip slip!

While other photos show the similar-looking duo sipping on some champagne and wearing some gorgeous gowns, the nip slip pic is definitely the most scandalous offering. 

While Lady Gaga might have been partially nude for the photo shoot, this shouldn’t be too uncomfortable for her, since pictures of her as a go-go dancer were also recently posted online!

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The pictures show the Little Monsters’ leader half-naked in a bikini-like outfit dancing on a stage for some dollar bills – all before she hit the big time. 

Lady Gaga even tweeted about how much she made in one night:


$400 may have seemed like a lot to Lady Gaga back in the day, but it’s nothing compared to the millions she makes today!

We love seeing Gaga comfortable in her skin and unafraid to bare it all to make her Monsters happy.

Check out the gallery to see Lady Gaga’s photo shoot!

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