I woke up on Saturday morning to my email blowing up with various links sent to me by my publicist. Paparazzi photos of me and a friend, Amelia Racine, on the beach in Miami made the rounds on the two biggest black gossip sites, Bossip and The YBF, the largest website in Europe, The Daily Mail, and countless other outlets.
I have been called called “Pimp Daddy” before at YBF, and once my favorite “Geritol Pimp” on Bossip. But really, me a pimp? No in fact, I’m a gentleman. Other sites said I was “trickin'” or labeled me a “sugar daddy”. Laughable as well. If you call lavishing my dates with yoga classes and green juices then yes, I guess I’m guilty. If not, you must be talking about the “daddy” gifts I give to my two greatest loves, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee, my daughters. Do I care what these sites have to say about me to get a click?  Honestly, no I don’t. I get it, everyone loves to gossip.

Is it as interesting to know why I was REALLY in Miami on my birthday ? I hope so. I was visiting colleges, radio stations, football stadiums and campaign headquarters pushing President Obama’s agenda and making sure people were registered to vote. Ok, so its maybe not as interesting as posting photos of my “flavor of the week…new girlfriend…new love,” as the gossip mags like to (inaccurately) call my friend Amelia.   But it’s certainly at least worth a mention I would hope? And even worth another mention is the deadline to register to vote for most states is October 9th.  If you haven’t registered, go to

Sure I date, I’m single. That’s what single guys do, right? I’m not one of those people in the public eye who try to hide. Life’s too short to be a hermit! What they never report is I have, in actuality, only had three girlfriends, whom my kids have met (Porschla Coleman, Julie Henderson and Melissa George) and an exclusive romance with Noemie Lenoir,  since my divorce from Kimora seven years ago. That’s not really their business, but hey if it gives me an excuse to talk about the President’s campaign, I’ll take one for the team.

I just wish those long lenses weren’t so invisible from afar.  If I had enough warning I was being filmed, at least I could have sucked in my stomach and stenciled a “Vote For Obama” across my back. Ah well, maybe next time. We don’t need to give power to corporations and the 1% through Mitt Romney, instead let’s continue to support the people’s agenda through Barack Obama. That’s what it’s really about, Four More Years! Go Vote!

~Russell Simmons

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