George Zimmerman and his defense team believe they have something else up their sleeve. 

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In a last ditch effort, Zimmerman has requested a delay on the trial, and also put in a request for additional personal information pertaining to Trayvon’s life prior to his murder. 

As reported by the Associated Press

George Zimmerman will ask a Florida judge to delay his murder trial and request that Trayvon Martin’s school records and information from the teen’s social media accounts be released.

Zimmerman’s attorneys said in motions made public Monday that they expect to take between 50 and 75 depositions, and more time is needed to review all of the prosecution’s evidence.

Zimmerman’s attorneys say they’ll also ask the judge to allow Martin’s school records to be subpoenaed, as well as information from his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

There is no word on when the trial will begin, now that Zimmerman and his team have requested this delay.

SOURCE: New York Post

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