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Rick Ross hops on Chicago rapper Lil Reese’s Young Chop-produced track “Us,” and he brings his favorite Jewish rapper Drake along for the ride. 

MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross The Black Bar Mitzvah

“Heavy armour on, you know I wanna shine/Bitch I need it all each and every dime/Photo’s taken, fo’door Maybach I know you hatin’/Skatin’ with women from Staten Island, my flow’s so flagrant,” raps Rozay. 

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“Just got back from Turks & Caicos hoes all at the villa/Only nigga making albums with no fucking filla/New deal on the table look like ’bout like 10 milla/Shout my lawyer man he a contract killa,” raps Drake. 

“Us” is off Rick Ross’ new mixtape The Black Bar Mitzvah, which is available for download at  

Take a listen to Rick Ross and Drake on “Us (Remix)” below!

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