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Global Grind’s financial coach and author of Living Beyond Check to Monday: A Spiritual Path to Wealth and Prosperity, Lynn Richardson, shares her views on how the ladies can manage two seemingly difficult areas of their lives: men and money.

Last weekend at the Circle of Sisters Expo in New York City on Saturday October 6th, I had the privilege of moderating a panel where MC Lyte, Jacque Reid and Alesha Renee shared their views on men and money in a convention center full of women trying to get to the next level.  Next week, I will share their individual views, but today, I will share what we all agreed to be the most important list of things a woman should be aware of when it comes to managing their men and their money.

1.    Be open and honest about your financial situation so your man will feel like it’s safe to be open about his.  If you have credit issues or are aware that you have a spending addiction, addressing these things now will create the opportunity for you to successfully achieve your goals as a couple in the future.

2.    Discussions about prenuptial agreements can be destructive in some cases, so you want to tread this area lightly.  If you have a significant amount of assets that you are worried about protecting and feel the need to discuss a prenuptial agreement in order to protect yourself in the event that the relationship doesn’t work out, sit down with your man and say to him, “Here’s my situation.  Now, in the event that we had a daughter in the same situation, what would you advise her to do?”  If your man is the one with the assets and he brings it up to you, before you get offended and start rolling your eyes, ask yourself what you would want your son to do if, for example, you had a son and left him a significant amount of assets.   Addressing the conversation this way hopefully will make it less tense and offensive.

There are a few more things on the list that I want to share with you next week, but let this sink in for now as you plan the next steps with your man and your money!


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