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Kate Gosselin’s dirty laundry is about to be aired out if reporter Robert Hoffman has anything to do with it!

After being accused of abusing her children after she confessed to beating them with wooden spoons and yanking them by their hair in secret journals, she is now being accused of treating her pets poorly as well!

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Robert, who was the friend of Kate’s ex-husband Jon Gosselin, claims that he witnessed it with his own eyes. In the new issue, he tells Star Magazine

“Kate left the family dogs in their cages behind the house for hours on end with no food. She never cleaned the cages. Jon would return to find them filled with urine, poop and puke. I saw vomit in them. She would knock them over the head and yell. The abuse caused Nala to become very resistant to Kate, so that any time she came around, Nala growled. After a while, Kate began to fear she’d be attacked, so she sent the dog back to the breeder.”

Just as Kate has been accused of only loving her kids for the cameras, apparently the same is true for her two German Shepherds.

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Hoffman stated:

“The kids had been begging for pets for years but Kate was adamantly against it, until the show needed content for an episode. She was only nice to the dogs for the camera. As soon as filming was done, she never wanted anything to do with them. She’d tell Jon, ‘They’re yours… I’m not taking care of them.’”

Allegedly, the dogs were often starving and living in their own filth. If this is true, it’s extremely sad… At least she gave them back to the dog breeder so they could have a better home.

Animals bleed and breathe just like humans do and deserve the proper care. Hopefully these allegations are false. 

SOURCE: RadarOnline || Photo Credit: WENN