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The BET Hip Hop Awards went down last night, and all the chatter seems to be surrounding Omarion and his cameo appearance alongside Maybach Music Group head honcho, Rick Ross the Bawse. 

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But all we could seem to think about (when we weren’t watching Omarion get his light feet moves on) was how great of a Halloween costume Rick Ross’ performance ‘fit would be.

Ross forwent the shirt all together for his performance, and came out with tattoos showing, shirt missing, and of course, tatas swinging. 

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Sure, you could just throw on that tired ass pimp costume that you’ve been wearing for the last 4 years, or you could take some hints and inspiration from the collage above to nail the perfect Rick Ross costume. 

Once the look is complete, grab a cup of diced pineapples, and employ the rest of your gang to dress up like members from MMG for a party-stopping group costume.