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What was the first thing you thought when you saw that video of a Cleveland bus driver landing a crushing uppercut on a rowdy female teenager

VIDEO: Stop The Violence! Cleveland Bus Driver Punches Teenage Passenger 

You know what we were asking ourselves? Where in the hell did he learn how to uppercut like that? Listen, an uppercut is a special kind of punch. It’s not something that you just whip out of your pocket. It takes loads of practice if you want to uppercut like, say, Andre Berto.

So either the bus driver dude has a side career as a professional boxer, or he’s crazy video game head. You know what, for the sake of this post, let’s just say it was the video games.

Here’s the seven video games that taught him to punch.


Dude probably picked up some technique from Mortal Kombat II. 

Punch Out was the perfect game to learn how to punch. Lil Mac threw both left and right uppercuts.

The Cleveland bus driver’s uppercut doesn’t have a name yet. It’s going be hard to beat Sagat’s Tiger Strike. 

You know you have an epic uppercut when you have to jump to complete it, like Batman from Arkham City. 

The crazy monkey from Primal Rage had the most epic uppercut. 

Nothing beats old-school style uppercuts like the one from Double Dragon II: The Revenge.

Bryan Fury from Tekken 6 added some punches to his uppercut. 

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