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A Cleveland Greater Regional Transit Authority bus driver has been suspended after a video surfaced on YouTube of him punching a young woman in the face following a heated argument.

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The video shows the moments leading up to the time when the bus driver can be seen punching the young woman. The moments before show the young woman yelling and threatening to spit on the bus driver, and she even pushes the bus driver as he’s driving the bus.

The The entire incident was recorded by another passenger on the bus.

As reported by the Clevelandleader:

It shows a verbal dispute between the two, which then leads to the girl approaching the driver. An initial video doesn’t show exactly what she did to him, but a more extensive video has surfaced showing how the drama began. 

Mary Shaffer, a spokesperson for the RTA, told reporters:

“We also saw the video today. Upon review, the driver was removed from duty and suspended. We are investigating.” reports:

RTA officials first saw the extreme video on Thursday, but believe the incident took place on Sept. 18. (Warning: the video contains harsh language and violence)

According to, the incident took place back in September. The RTA bus driver unleashes a Mike Tyson-like uppercut to the teen – only after she assaulted him. Take a look and see for yourself. 

SOURCE: Clevelandleader