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While some of us may be laughing our a*sses off, Hulk Hogan is taking his sex tape leakage very seriously. The reknowned wrestler is reportedly getting the FBI involved, in hopes of tracking down the culprit behind the leak.

DETAILS: Who Leaked Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape?

TMZ reports:

Hulk’s attorney tells TMZ, the wrestler had previously attempted to file a police report in Florida — but local police couldn’t help him for two reasons:

1) Because the tape was recorded in 2006, the four-year statute of limitations had expired on the offense of unlawfully recording Hulk without his permission.

2) The other offense — distributing the illegal footage to the media — crosses state lines, so it’s a federal problem … not a local one.

As a result, Hulk’s lawyer says he has contacted the FBI to track down the sex tape leaker … and bring that person to justice.

VIDEO: Hulk Hogan Sex Tape We Go In!

Sources tell the site the boa wearing hunk will be meeting with an FBI agent on Monday. Someone has definitely messed with the wrong guy!