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Amanda Todd’s name was splashed across headlines worldwide last week, after she took her own life due to bullying. 

The 15-year-old Canadian student was the target of cyber bullies and online taunting, which eventually caused her to end her life last week. 

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Post-suicide, a plethora of Facebook support pages cropped up on the social networking site, urging anyone with information to come forward. But even amid the police investigations, Amanda’s memory page is being haunted by the very same bullying that caused her to commit suicide. 

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According to the National Post, more than 15 online memorials have been set up for Todd on Facebook, one with more than 500,000 “likes,” but alongside well wishes in her memory, people have continued to post hateful messages such as the following: 

“It’s bad that people commit suicide, but I don’t see what makes this girl special…. She seems like the kind of person that committed suicide because she was lazy.”

One Facebook user even went so far as to uploaded a photo of Amanda that had been made to look like a Zombie holding a bottle of bleach with the message: “I hope they sell Clorox in Hell.”

Bullying brought Amanda to her death, but now it is time to let her rest in peace.

Hopefully her family can try to find solace to mourn the memory of their daughter during this trying time. 

SOURCE: National Post