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This is the fourth single we’ve heard from Taylor Swift, and we have to admit, every single new track she’s released over the past few weeks is completely different!

NEW MUSIC: Taylor Swift “I Knew You Were Trouble” 

From dubstep to classic country, country-pop to bubblegum pop, Taylor’s Red album will feature an array of musical styles from the 22-year-old singer. 

Taylor’s latest single “State Of Grace” is of course, about falling in love, but it’s surprisingly a little soft rock mashed up with a little bit of pop. 

“And I never saw you coming/And I’ll never be the same,” sings Taylor. 

NEW MUSIC: Taylor Swift “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” 

As she hosted a preview of her new track “State Of Grace,” Taylor revealed:

“I wrote this song about when you first fall in love with someone — the possibilities, kind of thinking about the different ways that it could go. It’s a really big sound. To me, this sounds like the feeling of falling in love in an epic way.”

Taylor Swift’s new album, Red, is due out October 22. 

Take a listen to Taylor’s new track above!