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Last night, testosterone at the town hall presidential debate was at an outstanding high, as Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama went head-to-head (like, literally) on hot-topic issues asked by members of the general public.

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While moderator Candy was the real woman of the night, checking transcripts and such, the spotlight was immediately stolen from her when Michelle Obama and Ann Romney stepped on the Hofstra stage to greet their respective husbands, and all fashion hell broke loose. 

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Ann Romney and Michelle Obama wore the same color to the Presidential debate, and we aren’t talking a passable black. Bright fuchsia pink. They both wore bright pink dresses for goodness sake!

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Sure, the women may have been wearing pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, but this was almost like a bad case of twin day in high school. 

Obama wore a hot pink sheath and matching bolero by Michael Kors, while Romney opted for a capped sleeve and a rounded collar and turquoise necklace. 

But the real question is, who wore it better?