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Last night, our stunning FLOTUS stepped on the stage at Hofstra to greet the President after his debate against running mate Mitt Romney, but the real winner of the night was swinging slightly above Michelle Obama’s shoulders – her stunning head of hair. 

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The moment Michelle stood up from her seat, Twitter exploded with a bevy of tweets begging to know who exactly is putting their magic touch on Michelle’s mane. 

So here is the full 411 on Michelle Obama’s hairstylist Johnny Wright, who can be thanked for lacing Michelle’s ‘do last night. 

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– Johnny Wright met Michelle Obama years ago, not long after Barack Obama announced his quest for the White House. 

– He started doing Michelle’s hair back in Chicago and followed the FLOTUS to the White House and two months into the Obama administration, Wright has become the First Lady’s exclusive hairstylist. 

– He did an interview with InStyle and gave 9 tips for keeping your hair in tippy top shape like Michelle’s. You can snag all the First Lady’s styling tips here.

– Johnny doesn’t turn his nose up at drugstore branded hair product: In a 2009 interview, Johnny said the following about his selection of products:

“Marketing fools everybody into thinking that because Soft Sheen-Carson is sold at CVS, it is not as good as Kerastase. But Kerastase and Soft Sheen-Carson are both owned by L’Oreal and they use the same labs to develop these products. But because it is a cheaper amount of money, some of us think that it is not as good. It does the same job on your hair as an expensive product does. So getting some good products that are not expensive is important.”

– When he isn’t reporting to Michelle, he serves as the artistic director to Softsheen-Carson hair care products, which totally explains his endorsement of lower priced hair care items. 

– Johnny masters Michelle’s hair with this special trick: 

“Use a high quality titanium or ceramic flat iron with adjustable heat controls. Since relaxed hair is already straight, use only the minimum level of heat to get a smooth, silky finish.”

Hear that? Return that CVS brand flat iron and turn the heat down on your ceramic!