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During a campaign event in Colorado yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden cracked a few jokes, poking fun at Mitt Romney and calling his position on immigration reform “way out of touch.”  

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Earlier this year, the Republican Governor declared his solution for immigration reform as “self-deportation.” Since then, he has not provided any real details about dealing with the large amounts of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

He attempted to clarify his viewpoint during the second presidential debate on Tuesday, when he stated:

“What I was saying is we’re not going to round up 12 million people, undocumented illegals, and take them out of the nation. Instead, let people make their own choice. And if they find that they can’t get the benefits here that they want and they can’t find the job they want, then they’ll make a decision to go a place where they have better opportunities.”

On Wednesday, Biden pounced on Romney’s remarks in Greeley, Colo.:

“His answer: self-deportation. I don’t know where he lives. I really mean it, I mean, I don’t care what your position is on immigration. Self-deportation?” Biden said to laughs. “Whoa! Every 13-year-old get up and move, man!”

The VP also mentioned that Romney would veto the Dream Act, which would allow young undocumented youth to go to college and become legal citizens. Biden pointed out that Obama announced in June that his administration would stop deporting eligible undocumented youth, and instead grant some with work permits.

That move “lift[ed] the cloud of deportation off a million kids who were brought here, as if they’re going to say as two-year-olds, ‘Mom, I don’t want to cross that border. Leave me behind, mom. Now these guys want to send them home? Home? Home? This is home. America is home.”

Mitt Romney is out of touch on many issues and immigration, not surprisingly, is one!