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The clock is ticking for Fidel Castro. Last night, news came in that the infamous Cuban dictator suffered a stroke so devastating that he is in a vegetative state.

It won’t be long before he’s gone.

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Fidel leaves a legacy that is long and troubling, to say the least. We won’t try to break down his life. Instead, we’ll focus on one portion of his legacy: the beard.

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Since he first came to power back in the ’60s, Fidel’s beard has been as iconic as the man himself. In fact, the beard sort of represented the dictator himself. It started out vibrant and strong, and as he got older, it turned old, scraggly and almost bum-looking.

However, the legacy of the beard won’t die with the dictator. It will continue with the most unusual vessel, rappers.

Some of hip-hop’s finest wear the look well. Here are 10 rappers that rock the Fidel Castro beard.  


“Gotta kill witnesses ’cause Free’s beard’s stickin’ out.” Good point, Hov. The big beard look was really birthed with Freeway, who is a Muslim.

Rick Ross

Our boy Rick Rozay currently has the most popular beard in hip-hop. It’s big, black and always neat. Young Castro would be proud.

Action Bronson 

Hip-hop’s hungriest MC (literally) rocks a spicy red beard. We’re sure he gets food stuck in that monstrosity all the time. 


Questlove has been in the rap game since 1993, and he has never once shaved his beard off. That’s an incredible amount of dedication. Two points for you, sir. 

Rick Rubin 

Yeah, yeah, Rick Rubin isn’t actually a rapper, but we had to put him on the list. One, he helped start Def Jam and two, just look at that thing. Rick looks like a wizard from a parallel world. 

Sean Price

Sean Price used to call himself “the brokest rapper alive.” Over the last couple of years, that boy P has released a number of projects, so he probably isn’t f*cked up anymore. However, he still chooses to rock the scruffy, broke-looking beard. 


Like boss, like employee. The young boy Stalley might have his boss Ross beat for best beard in MMG. 


Ex-Bad Boy Loon was once smooth and clean. But then he turned Muslim. Now he rocks the beard like fellow Muslim rapper Freeway.


Humongous beards are a polarizing look when it comes to the ladies, but Common proves that you can be a ladies man with a bunch of facial hair. His beard isn’t on some Rick Rubin sh*t, but it’s big enough to be added to this list. 

Tone Trump 

What can we say, it’s a Philly thing, maaan. The new up-and-coming rappers from the City of Brotherly Love are even rocking the look. Tone Trump, one of Young Jeezy’s youngins, has a killer beard. 

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