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I’ve played at and curated a lot parties in my life all over the world. Speaking from experience, house parties can be the most challenging. Planning a house party is tricky – it’s very easy for things to go wrong (if you’ve seen the movie House Party, you know what I’m talking about). Here are a few simple steps that can help create the perfect atmosphere for a great event. 


1. Decor: You need to make sure your guests are comfortable, but not too comfortable. Not enough seating makes people restless; too much seating and no one will socialize. Try to find a happy medium. Lighting is also very important when creating the perfect ambiance. Adjustable lighting is essential – as the evening goes on you want to be able to dim the lights if necessary.

2. Food and Drinks: It’s your house and it’s your responsibility to feed people. It doesn’t need to be fully catered. Finger foods like wings or dip will do. Alcohol is also a must! You want people to get loose but not sloppy, so lots of beer and few bottles of liquor to top it off.

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3. Security: This often gets overlooked. You need two friends helping you monitor the night. They should have multiple roles – bartender, host, promoter and regulator.

4. Music: If you can’t afford a DJ, download a DJ mix or iTunes playlist. Music can make or break your party — mixes make sure the music flows without a break and it feels like a real party.

5. Guest List: This is the most important element. You need a good mixture of interesting and outgoing people who will fuel the party. Take the extra time to curate your guest list so you get a mix of people who know each other and those who should know each other. The girl to guy ratio should be somewhere around 2:1. As a guy, a room full of women tends to make us a little more outgoing and interesting. Get the guest list right and your friends feed off of each other’s energy and create a great night!

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