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Uncle Rush brought his fashion squad to North Carolina to rally for Barack.

Joining the Godfather of Hip-Hop was supermodel Chanel Iman, supermodel Tyson Beckford, the biggest male model in the world and the face of Calvin Klein, Tyson Ballou and fashionista and Pastry co-founder, Angela Simmons.

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Speaking to thousands of people across the state, the crew began their campaigning in Charlotte where they spoke with students at Johnson C. Smith University before heading off to a BBQ for Barack!

Continuing on their journey to Greensboro and High Point, the Obama supporters rallied with students, volunteers and potential voters. 

Ending the day, they met a 99 year old woman who had voted that day for Barack Obama!  Early voting has begun in North Carolina and continues through November 3rd.  Many states across the country have begun early voting, so check out to see if your state is ready to rock!

Remember, in 2008, Barack Obama lost on actual election to John McCain, in terms of the number of votes.  It was early voting that got him into the White House.  So, don’t wait until November 3rd to cast your ballot.  Cast it today! Yes We Can!