When it comes to black men, facial hair is king!

When we were kids, we all wanted a mustache. I remember watching television as a kid and all the ladies on TV would only deal with guys with facial hair.

Still today, it’s rare that you see the ladies on TV mess with the guy without facial hair. To this day, Tom Selleck is still the man. His trademark mustache would battle it out with Chuck Norris for the top spot. My boys and I would argue about who had the best ‘stache and the hottest women.

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When it comes to facial hair, it all goes back to women!

If a guy is dating a fine woman and she says, “It’s the winter time. Grow a beard. I want to see that,” or “ I want a clean shave.” We are going to do it! No questions asked!

Even when our facial hair has nothing to do with what the woman likes, it still relates back to the ladies. If you think about how women switch up their hair from week to week, they can do something different whenever they want; a blunt bob, a close crop, add braids, get a weave – whatever.

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Well for us, facial hair is our thing. If a dude has a lot of facial hair, we’ll switch up our style faster than Myth Romney at a debate:

“Oh I got a goatee this week. I got a mustache this week,” or “I got a mustache and a little beard patch,” or “I got a full beard.”

So while our facial hair is ruled by the women, it also shapes our face, our style and our swag. May the man with the best facial hair win… The lady’s heart. 


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