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It has been ten years since the world lost hip-hop pioneer Jason Mizell, aka Jam Master Jay, from the iconic rap trio RUN-DMC.

STORY: Start Snitching! Who Killed Jam Master Jay? 

Ten years later, police still haven’t uncovered who killed the popular DJ inside his Queens recording studio – due in part because witnesses still are not saying much about the night he was killed.

The case’s head detective, Vincent Santangelo, told the New York Daily News:

“We never really had a good lead…Nobody would or nobody could tell us the who or what. We’re still looking for that person.”

Santangelo said that the people inside Mizell’s 24/7 recording studio provided a play-by-play account of the Oct. 30, 2002 murder — but everyone stopped short in identifying the gunman or his sidekick.

As reported by the NYDN:

Santangelo, a 22-year vet, and his team spent years chasing scores of leads that sometimes brought him to cities across the country. No arrests have been made, but Santangelo believes that could change with the help of a good tipster — who can collect a $60,000 reward if there’s a conviction.

Investigators suspect career criminal Ronald Washington was either the lookout or the gunman. The hit was likely ordered after Mizell — who owed up to $500,000 to the IRS — refused to settle a decade-old drug debt with his old friend Curtis Scoon, the sources said.

As for Run-DMC, the revived hip-hop trio are now a duo with no turntables behind their microphones. Partners Darryl (DMC) McDaniels and Joe (Run) Simmons continue on.

DMC told the News:

“I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Jay’s death…That’s crazy. It seems like I just saw him yesterday.

He impacted other people’s lives and that’s the Jay I loved and respected…But spiritually, he’s always with me. His presence is felt as strongly today as it was the night he passed away.”

Hip-hop truly lost a legend ten years ago. Rest in peace JMJ.