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It’s only Tuesday, but Taylor Swift is having the best week ever. 

NEW MUSIC: Taylor Swift “State Of Grace”

Taylor Swift made headlines this morning when it was reported that she sold 4 million copies of her album, Red, in 24 hours.

Sounds unrealistic and crazy, we know. 

Unfortunately, Taylor didn’t sell 4 million copies of Red, but she did sell 4 million singles in 24 hours.

NEW MUSIC: Taylor Swift “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” 

Either way fans or critics look at it, Taylor straight up swagged on the whole industry. 

GlobalGrind began thinking about all the possible reasons Taylor could have sold 4 million singles in 24 hours, so we compiled a list of a few inklings we had about “The Taylor Effect.”

Check out the 10 reasons why Taylor sold 4 million singles in 24 hours below! 

Joe Jonas

Although Taylor has dated an entire basketball lineup of men after Joe Jonas, people still want to hear the gems, juice or the shade she may throw his way.

John Mayer

John Mayer’s currently dating pop singer Katy Perry, but Taylor Swift had him first. Maybe Taylor may or may not have a few subliminals to throw at Katy. 

Conor Kennedy

After selling 4 million singles in 24 hours, it’s clear the Kennedy curse isn’t in effect, but since her boyfriend is basically jail bait (18 years old) many people are interested to hear Taylor sing about what these two do when no one is around. 

Men lie. Women lie. Country music numbers don’t. 

Country music fans are the most loyal music consumers in the industry. 

She’s nice.

How can you not buy the music of a girl who pretends to be your bestie for two seconds while snapping a picture? 

The Kanye West Effect

After Kanye West’s MTV VMA “excuse me Taylor…I’ma let you finish but…” debacle, Kanye West haters are buying her music by the bulk just to prove Kanye West wrong. 

Shiny Dresses

Taylor wears shiny dresses, and shiny dresses attract fans. 

Taylor Swift’s Shocked Face. 

We’re pretty sure Taylor’s face looked just like this ^^^ when she found out she sold 4 million singles this morning, despite her “shocked” face annoying most of America. We still LOVE to hate Taylor’s shocked face. 

Taylor Swift’s songs are annoying, BUT catchy.

You may not like Taylor Swift, but when you catch yourself quietly humming “You Belong With Me” at the grocery store, take a second and realize Taylor has officially invaded your life beyond your control. 

She’s unapologetically American. 

We don’t quite know any pop artist that’s more American than Taylor, and as many of you may know, middle America loves everything that captures the essence of the U.S.A.