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Basketball is arguably one of the most fast-paced, competitive sports in the world of athletics, and getting to the pros is no easy task.

We’ve watched college players make it to the NBA in the past, and even some of our favorite players came straight from high school. However the journey seemed to go, it was still a grueling one full of dedication and patience, on top of physicality.

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Eric Newman, director, creator, and producer of the new Awesomeness TV series called THE CITY, captures the journey of the AAU basketball team The City working their way to play in the AAU National Championship.

The series follows the star team throughout their practices, to winning the local tournament circuit to get a chance at nationals and to make history.

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NCAA champion and current Charlotte Bobcats player Kemba Walker narrates THE CITY as it hits Awesomeness TV with new episodes every Saturday.

Check out the preview above and the first two episodes below!