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It looks like Lil Wayne’s 2 seizures is causing somewhat of a domino effect in his life. The Young Money rapper’s health issues are now delaying his trial with Quincy Jones III.

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TMZ reports:

Sources connected with the case tell us, Wayne was scheduled to testify Friday but just before noon Thursday the judge was informed the rapper had a seizure out of state and was going to the hospital.  As a result, court was dark Friday.
Wayne is suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary QIII did on him, claiming it’s a “scandalous portrayal.”  Wayne also alleges producers didn’t have the right to use his music in the flick. (You’ll recall the hilarious deposition tapes we posted.)

Sources tell the site that it is very unlikely he’ll be in shape to attend trial on Monday and it is likely he will not be ready to take to the stand any time soon.

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But there may be a problem with this. The site says:

The case is being heard by a jury, so it’s unlikely the judge will grant a continuance because it would unduly disrupt the jurors’ lives.  There are 2 other options … declare a mistrial, or force Wayne’s side to present its case without him. We’re told lawyers for Wayne will inform the judge Monday morning on Wayne’s status.

Weezy suffered from the seizures while on a private plane Thursday and was hospitalized Friday afternoon.

Hopefully the Cash Money star will recover quickly and can get back to his usual over the wall self to take care of his business matters soon.

We send him our best get well wishes!


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