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Afro, mohawk or bald spots, your hair is your crowning glory when it comes to putting together your look, and it’s just as important when you’re a fella as it is for the fairer sex. 

We’ve all heard of guys not feeling up to par when their hair isn’t cut to perfection, which shows just how important keeping the hair laced is. 

VIDEO: Gael Garcia’s Style Is Sharp Like A Gillette Razor

Just as clothing trends transition from city to city, when it comes to the males and their haircuts, the same rules apply. 

From New York to Philly to down in the Dirty South, every region has a hairstyle they favor when it comes to what’s in. 

VIDEO: Chef Roble Gets Stylish In The Kitchen & The Streets

We rallied up some of your favorite celebs who rock hairstyles that rep their cities, or present a model that the masses in their regions embrace. 

From Wale’s dreads, famous in the DMV, to Fabolous’ Caesar famed in NYC, check out the gallery above to see who made the cut. 

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